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Vegetation Management

Benton County works with a weed cooperative and property owners to control noxious weeds on roadways with a combination of mowing and herbicide application. Mowing is used to keep grasses and brush away from driving surfaces and provide a clear line of sight for vehicle traffic. Environmentally safe products are applied to roadsides in order to reduce overgrowth and minimize weeds and invasive species.

Benton County mows roadsides in the spring and fall as weather permits. Due to wildfire considerations, this program is suspended for most of the summer. Special Management Areas can be mowed only during certain times of the year (starting September 1st through March 1st).

Benton County uses a wide-ranging herbicide on road shoulders to get rid of harmful weeds and unwanted plants, following guidelines set by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The goals are to 1) protect the road’s foundation, extending its lifespan, 2) facilitate water runoff to prevent hydroplaning, 3) establish a fire barrier, 4) create a space for vehicle recovery, 5) ensure clear visibility, and 6) manage the spread of state-listed noxious weeds.

Herbicides are applied cautiously to protect water and fish near streams. The application follows EPA guidelines, considering weather conditions and proper disposal. No spraying near schools, bus stops with people, driveways, or designated no-spray zones. Hand spraying is used near bridges only if vital for structure function, rain isn’t expected soon, and an approved aquatic herbicide is used over waterways.

Application occurs between May and October.

No Spray Program

Information on the No Spray Program and how to enroll. This is an annual agreement.

Noxious Weed Information

Benton County Soil and Water Conservation District lists of native and invasive plants.

Special Management Areas

Benton County has protected areas of plants and/or butterflies along the right of ways.

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