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Special Management Areas (SMAs)

What is a Special Management Area?

Special Management Areas (SMAs) are areas of the County Right of Way with populations of protected plants and/or butterflies.  They are managed as part of Benton County’s Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). 

Benton County minimizes disturbance to these areas from March 1- August 15 when plants are actively growing. We also manage vegetation according to our HCP so protected native plants can thrive.

What if there is an SMA near my property?


  1. Park in an SMA.
  2. Mow within an SMA.
  3. Apply chemicals or allow chemicals to flow into an SMA.
  4. Pick plants or disturb butterflies within the SMA.


  1. Refrain from working, walking or driving within an SMA from Mar 1 to Aug 15.
  2. Contact Benton County Public Works with any questions or concerns.

Click on an image below to learn more about the species pictured.

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