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Alsea County Service District

The following fees are set by the district committee along with the BOC. Consumer Confidence Reports will be updated annually. For all payments, billing questions or to start/stop service, please contact the finance department at 541-766-6768.

For service meter installation, please contact Public Works at 541-766-6821.

Sewer Rates

Base Sewer Rate: $29 total, $27 base plus $2 Capital Sink Fund
Usage Rate: $1.80/100 cubic foot
Late Payment Fee: $15 if payment is not received 45 days from the original billing.

Water Rates

$29 for first 1000 cubic feet 
$1 per 100 cubic feet between 1001 and 1500 cubic feet
$5 per 100 cubic feet between 1501 and 2000 cubic feet
$10 per 100 cubic feet over 2000 cubic feet

$31.00 base for first 500 cubic feet
$1.00 per 100 cubic feet over minimum
Bulk water purchase through hydrant for commercial or industrial use: $0.03 per gallon.

$57 base for first 500 cubic feet
$1 per 100 cubic feet over minimum

Capital Sink Fund
$5 per unit

Late Payment Fee
$15 at the time of shut off notice, 45 days from original billing.

Other Fees

Service Meter Installation Charge
$500 for 5/8 or 3/4 meter. Larger meters will be charged $500 plus the difference in cost of 3/4 meter and the larger meter.

$141 will be required for all customers who do not own the property being served.

Turn On-Turn Off:
$40 during normal business hours. After-hours, the fee will be actual cost for a minimum of 3 hours. Turn off fee will be waived for emergency shut offs or installation of a valve.

Fee for Tampering
$100 plus the cost of repairs.

Committee Information

The Budget Committee meets annually in late spring. Public notices will be advertised in the local newspapers and included in the appropriate utility billing.

Meeting Location
Alsea School
301 S 3rd
Alsea, OR 97324

Meeting Location
Alsea Public Library
19192 Alsea Hwy
Alsea, OR 97324

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