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Benton County Public Works

Public Works is dedicated to working together to make sure our community runs smoothly. Public Works takes care of many things, like roads, bridges, and even water systems. Public Works plays a crucial role in making our community a better place to live. To contact the Public Works department, you can call 541-766-6821.

Corvallis, Oregon. Bridge crossing Willamette River. Drone image.

Our Team

Director of Public Works

Coordinates the 6 divisions within the Public Works department.

County Engineer

Oversees Engineering division, responsible or transportation system design and planning, pavement management, construction management, and site development review for Public Works.

Road Manager

Oversees the Road division, responsible for the maintenance and safety of paved and gravel roads maintained by Benton County.

County Surveyor

Files surveys of property lines, property line adjustments, partition and subdivision plats, and oversees the public land corner restoration program.

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