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Looking for updates about what is going on in the county?
Check here for updates about planned and current projects.
*Please note that all dates are subject to change*

IN Development: Courthouse and district attorney’s office

Location: Hwy 20, West of Hewlett Packard campus.

Project Description: Modern Benton County Courthouse and District Attorney’s Office, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and operational needs.

Schedule: Construction is anticipated for Spring 2025.

Last update: May 13, 2024

IN Development: Alsea safe routes to school crossings

Location: Alsea Highway at Second Street and Third Street in Alsea, Oregon.

Project Description: Intersection safety improvements on Alsea Highway at Second Street and Third Street. Design is currently in progress.

Impacts: Sidewalk closure and detours, with minor delays to vehicle traffic.

Schedule: Construction is anticipated for Summer of 2024.

Click here to contact the project manager or contact Public Works

Last update: March 28, 2024

IN Development: SW West hills road corridor plan

Location: SW West Hills Road from SW 53rd Street to Western Boulevard

Project Description: Exploration of different methods of major improvement to the section of roadway in partnership with the City of Corvallis. This project is still in the developmental and conceptional phase.

Impacts: SW West Hills Road is improved for the safety of all methods of travel and ownership is eventually transferred to the City of Corvallis.

Additional Information: The projects team have conducted several public surveys and neighborhood presentations on this project.

SW West Hills Traffic DataInteractive Project Mapping ToolSeptember 7, 2023
City Council Materials
Agenda, Minutes, Packet, Video
Cross Sections
June 2023
November 2023
Public Survey
Data & Responses
Information Boards and Exhibits
June 2023
November 2023
Corridor ConceptRoundabout ConceptContact the Project Team
Photos from a June 2023 exhibition for the project:
IN Development: Corvallis-Albany Bikeway

Route: NE Pilkington Avenue to NE Merloy Avenue

Project Description: In conjunction with the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Highway 20 Safety Improvement Project, Benton County is working to design and implement multi-use travel paths connecting Albany and Corvallis via different routes. The Pilkington to Merloy route was awarded the Community Paths Grant in 2021.

Impacts: Non-vehicular travel will be made possible through the implementation of the path. Construction will effect the surrounding area as needed.

Contractor: David Evans and Associates (preliminary design and right-of-way acquisition)

Schedule: Construction is currently set to begin in 2024.

Route: NW Scenic Drive to NW Springhill Drive

Project Description: Planning, design and construction of a rural multi-use path in the North Albany area. The majority of design has been completed and property appraisals and right-of-way acquisition are underway. Surveying of the route has begun in conjunction with the project.

Impacts: The North Albany area will be better connected with the institution of this path, and it will provide more thorough and safe travel across a large swath of the area for pedestrians and cyclists.

Schedule: A neighborhood meeting is planned for January 2024 to discuss preliminary design and findings.

Last update: October 20, 2023

IN Development: Dodge Island Road Bridge Replacement

Location: Dodge Island Road, near the intersection of Noraton/Old River Road, bridging across the Dodge Island Slough

Project Description: Replacement of 4-span timber bridge built in 1963 that provides access to rural residents and resource land. Design is currently in progress.

Impacts: Access to and from the latter half of Dodge Island Road will be effected during construction.

Contractor: Consor (engineering and design)

Schedule: Environmental and design studies are planned for 2024 and construction is anticipated for 2025.

Last update: October 20, 2023

IN Development: Hayden Road BRidge Replacement

Location: Hayden Road covered bridge, just off of the intersection of Alsea Highway

Project Description: Replacement of 4-span timber covered bridge built in 1918. Current bridge requires a weight limit that is prohibitive to full access of the area and structurally deficient. The current bridge will remain as a pedestrian bridge alongside the new bridge. Design and planning is in progress

Impacts: Access to and from Hayden Road will be effected through construction but vehicles like log trucks and school buses will then be able to traverse the bridge

Schedule: Primary design will continue through 2024 with construction anticipated to start in 2025.

Last update: November 30, 2023

On hold: SW 53rd Street RailRoad OVerpass

Location: The intersection of SW 53rd Street and Reservoir Road

Project Description: 53rd Street currently passes underneath a rail road trestle, the low point in the road causing flooding during rainy periods. Design and planning is intended to reroute traffic away from the trestle. The project was first proposed in 1988 and has been delayed several years due to funding issues. The project was awarded Metropolitan Planning Organization funds through the Federal Transit Administration.

Impacts: 53rd Street and the intersection of Reservoir will be effected during project implementation.

Schedule: The project is currently on hold.

Last update: March 2024

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