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Permits and Applications

Looking for an application or permit?
Check out the information below about Public Works permits and applications. These can be dropped off in person at our Avery Building, located at 360 SW Avery Ave.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out the Community Development permits page.

Stormwater Management (SWM)

The Benton County Stormwater Program’s main objective is to reduce the amount of pollution, erosion and sediment entering our rivers and streams. Your construction project may require this permit. To determine your impervious area, use this worksheet. Additional resources for Stormwater Management permit applicants can be found here.

Work in the Right of Way

If you are going to be preforming any kind of work in the County right of way, you’ll need to apply for this permit.

Dust Control

Every year the Public Works Department works with a local distributor to apply a dust control product to local roads. If you want your road to get this special treatment, you’ll need to fill out this application and pay the fees. Learn more.

No Spray

Annually, the Public Works Roads team administers herbicides to control roadside vegetation. If you wish to take charge of vegetation management along your roadside rather than relying on the county’s spraying, you will be required to complete this permit application. Learn more.

Overweight/Oversize Vehicles

You need a special permit to drive on Benton County roads if your vehicle is really big or heavy, or if the county’s map says there are extra rules for smaller vehicles. You can find the County map of size restrictions here.

Franchise Utilities

A permit for utility line construction

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