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Corvallis-Albany Bikeway Project Timeline

Updated October 2023

Construction of the Hickory to Rainwater connection is tentatively scheduled for 2025. County has received Community Paths Grant funding for a North Albany Refinement Plan (Rainwater to Scenic) and a Carbon Reduction Program Grant for a refined alignment and preliminary (30%) design from Merloy to Scenic – the balance of the project. Having this preliminary design in hand, the County will competitively look for additional funding for construction. Exciting times!

The County began extensive public outreach related to project. Tentative construction schedule is set for the Pilkington to Merloy connection of the project. in 2024.

The County coordinated with the Oregon Department of Transportation on a design of a multi-use path parallel with Highway 20 between Conifer to Merloy and has contracted with David Evans and Associates to provide design services.

Project placed on hold.

The Benton County Board of Commissioners approved work into Phase II of the project.
Several Stakeholder, project team and Technical committee meetings took place, narrowing route options and consultant team presented stakeholder recommendation to the BOC, who voted to proceed with Phase III of project. Project team began preliminary design.

Barney and Worth conducted interviews to interested parties and conducted scenario analysis. Community events were held to gauge public interest and route maps were added to project website.

Project Phases

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